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Supplymind helps Hospitals and Health Systems to forecast demand, optimize inventory and streamline replenishment and distribution of supplies through advanced supply-chain planning and visibility, state-of-the-art algorithms and process driven collaboration.

Taking advantage of cutting-edge Supply Chain Management technology, our solution is built to support healthcare providers on the challenge of keeping costs down while simultaneously increasing availability of supplies and improving outcomes, ultimately delivering great patient care with the lowest possible cost.

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The Next Generation of Supply Chain Technology for Hospitals

(DF) Demand Forecasting

Create accurate demand forecasts with little human intervention through state-of-the-art statistical forecast algorithms and modeling technics based on Artificial Intelligence. Understand and predict demand like never before.

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(IO) Inventory Optimization

Optimize the inventory of medical supplies through superior time-phased order points that combines actual demand, demand forecasts and system uncertainties to continuously define the right level of inventory for each unique combination of item/location. Ensure more availability with less cost.

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(PP) Purchase Planning

Predict your Hospital needs and generate purchase orders in advance of demand fluctuations through demand sensing, seasonality detection, known events and current inventory levels. Purchase what is really needed and stop piling up inventory.

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(DP) Distribution Planning

Streamline the flow of materials between hospitals and hospital’s inventory locations in order to find what you need, when and where you need it. Less running around after supplies, more time spent with patient care.

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(SP) Supplier Performance

Monitor and communicate supplier performance to increase commitment and service level and drive your hospital’s efficiency and profits up. Have the tools to ensure compliance and reward good performance.

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(CR) Collaborative Replenishment

Augment the partnership with key suppliers by sharing information of their products performance and involving them in the process of managing inventory and replenishment. Share responsibility for improved results.

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An Intuitive and Powerful Tool

  • Delivered Securely Through the Cloud

    Quick time to value, no infrastructure costs and accessible anywhere.

  • User Friendly with Interactive Dashboards

    Seemingly simple yet powerful solution that delivers actionable insights.

  • Specialized, Modular and Flexible

    Complement your EHR/EMR as needed with specialized and integrated modules.

  • State-of-the-art Technology

    Advanced algorithms based on Artificial intelligence to optimize your supply chain.

You have never had
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With Supplymind your Hospital can:

Right from the start, Supplymind’s solution can assess inventory reduction opportunities by determining the optimal inventory level for each stock-keeping unit (SKU). By combining demand forecasting, sensing and inventory policies, as well as other variables such as service levels, supplier lead times, batch sizes etc., the solution will identify inventory issues and classify these into color-coded categories to help users to focus on the critical ones, bringing results from day one. Our experience shows that most hospitals can reduce up to 30% on inventory excess, while simultaneously improving item availability.
In order to prevent stock-outs our solution’s advanced algorithms will continuously monitor the entire supply chain and keep track of fluctuations in demand and supplier lead times, in combination with other factors, recalculating the optimum safety stock level and generating the right replenishment order for each SKU/location. Supplymind’s dashboard and notification/alerting also provides early warnings of stock-outs and risk of stock-outs, allowing users to act before it’s too late.
Supplymind eliminates manual data import/export, integrating directly to you EHR/ERP for inventory data analysis, forecasting and replenishment. Our solution’s user-friendly interface and dynamic, graphical forecast engine assists users in forecasting and planning for future replenishment orders. Built-in reports keep track of under/over forecasted items for further analysis and prescriptive action.
Supplymind’s dashboard, charts and reports give users complete visibility of the Hospital supply chain, from top-level consolidated views down to the lowest level of granularity (sku/location) - allowing users to switch from the big picture to the detail in just a couple of clicks and making it an useful tool for operational and managerial tasks.

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Supplymind Healthcare Technologies Supplymind is a company specialized in technology solutions that simplify processes and help Hospitals and Health Systems to become more efficient. With extensive experience in Supply Chain Management, our team has delivered hundreds of projects for large and small organizations in a variety of industries for almost 20 years.
This knowledge has come together to create a sophisticated and intuitive suite of products that meets the complex reality of the healthcare industry, helping our customers in the challenge of providing great patient care with the lowest possible cost.

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