(CR) Collaborative Replenishment

A cloud-based platform that facilitates collaboration and adds visibility to the supply chain.

Work with your suppliers to resolve inefficiencies in the healthcare supply chain.

Finding an optimal inventory balance can be challenging, especially with the large volume of supplies that the average organization requires. Sharing responsibility with key suppliers is an effective way to gather additional support and improve efficiencies in the supply chain — bringing benefits to both parties for a truly win-win relationship.

With Supplymind, you’ll provide suppliers with the information they need to make better decisions and increase their service level. Our tool is flexible to allow for different levels of collaboration. From the simple sharing of inventory/demand reports to actually allowing selected suppliers to actively manage their inventories at the hospital site(s), it provides reports and KPIs to track their performance.

Key Features

  • Customized levels of collaboration with workflows.
  • Shared metrics to manage performance.
  • User-friendly interface to facilitate collaboration.
  • Easy integration with existing execution systems.

Key Benefits

  • Increased supplier commitment and service level.
  • Reduced inventory excess and stock-outs.
  • Free up working capital from excess inventory.
  • Reduced time spent managing inventory and replenishment.