(SP) Supplier Performance

A system that assesses and ranks suppliers across multiple performance and risk criteria.

Track and communicate performance in order to develop suppliers and reduce supply chain risk.

Hospitals have become highly dependent on their suppliers; and as a result, their performance is impacted by their suppliers’ ability to deliver. A failure to manage and monitor supplier performance can lead to major supply chain disruptions, delivery problems, poor quality, and other issues that can damage a hospital’s quality of services.

Supplymind allows you to assess your suppliers in terms of their delivery performance, as well as their performance relative to other suppliers. You’ll create a culture of transparency and on-going improvement.

Key Features

  • Performance benchmark and ranking of suppliers.
  • Customized surveys for various categories.
  • Shared KPIs on the web.
  • Direct integration with ERP systems.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced supply chain risk.
  • Improved supplier service level.
  • Reduced safety stocks levels and overall inventory.
  • Transparency and on-going improvement.